Today’s post will be slightly “natural” oriented.
Anxiety. It harms almost everyone, big or small, for significant matter or less. Will it be from approaching women, will it be from going to the job interview or even getting out of the house (and can raise in panic attacks). There are many reasons why such anxiety occurs and naming them here isn’t the point of this post. However there is one particular factor that is easy to fix and it can avoid your radar.

The types of food you eat

There is enough evidence to show that eating certain types of food and drinks can make you more nervous and anxious. For example check out this article – on Food and Anxiety
It shows that caffeine, sugar and alcohol can trigger anxiety in most individuals. It also goes on little detail how it happens.

Sometimes you can also suffer from food sensitivity (think of it as lower level of food allergy).
As I won’t go into details again, you can really check out if you consume too much of certain foods that may harm your attempts to improve yourself.

Also eating too heavy foods (hard to digest – ice creams, white baked goods, all kinds of junk food) can lower your mood, which again can harm your motivation to perform at your best in some situations. It’s natural process – explained in short the more hard the food, the more energy your body will conserve to work with the food which in result will make you sleepy and moody.

From my personal experience caffeine and heavy foods had rather noticeable impact. Keep in mind quitting on caffeine can be little tough as your body needs to adapt especially if you’re used to your “daily intake” of coffee.

Although this most certainly won’t make you fearless approaching machine by itself, it may give that little edge that will make you go to the next step of your improvement.

By the way this was reminded to me by Carlos Xuma from his advanced program Ultimate Inner Game (in anxiety specific section). However be warned – it’s really overwhelming and big program with many exercises and aspects that will make you think hard. It may not be for everyone. Later this year I will write a review for this program.
(while you’re on it – you can check some free inner game videos of his program here as well – again you have to opt-in to see that)