Dating InfoTips While it is difficult for the person who falls for people who are emotionally unavailable, it is even more difficult from their point of view. It is probable that you won’t change them or they won’t get therapy just for you, but it is important to understand that most of these people aren’t acting like this just to hurt you or to get what they want from you.

Instead, these individuals have often been deeply hurt themselves and find it nearly impossible to connect with other people. You’ll find more information about how to spot a person who is emotionally unavailable on our site, but this article is about how these people interact with their environment. Remember that these characteristics are generalized to this group of individuals, so not everyone will experience things the same way.

1. Although open to other people sharing their feelings or ideas, it is just too difficult to open and share anything. Doing so may expose too much and increase the probability of being hurt. While you know that being hurt in a relationship is normal and natural, individuals who suffer from being emotionally unavailable put up walls and barriers to keep that from ever happening again.

2. Sometimes just a hug from a stranger can be a nightmare to someone who has difficulty with sharing their emotions.

3. Long conversations with people are emotionally draining and difficult.

4. When you go to a sad movie, everyone else is crying. It’s very difficult for this individual to experience empathy and connect with the characters on the screen.

5. Dating is something that’s avoid at all costs, but physical needs are met with ‘friends with benefits. ’ And, even in that case, the friendship part is difficult to maintain.
6. In a crisis these individuals are easily able to separate the fact and reality from the emotional part of the whole thing. They are great in a crisis, but don’t get attached to Superman because he disappears once the crisis is over.

7. Unfortunately, any kind of emotional displays make these individuals very uncomfortable. They aren’t sure how to comfort someone who is crying and can’t figure out what you mean when you want to ‘talk about the relationship. ’

8. It is almost impossible to understand people who listen to their hearts. In fact, people who are emotionally unavailable aren’t sure they’ve ever heard from their heart.

9. If tears do appear to be a possibility then leaving immediately is the best possible recourse. If leaving isn’t possible then changing the subject is the next choice.
10. It is impossible to draw any feelings from these individuals because they’ve been buried so far down that even they don’t know they exist.