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Today’s post will be a guest article about some interesting dating statistics about falling in love on first sight. The observation are made by a UK dating site called Smooch, so if you are in this area, you should check it out.
It’s free!

The saying ‘love at first sight’ seems to be more of an urban legend than actual reality, according to a new survey by smooch.

The free dating site asked over 10,000 of its members if they had ever been in love and the findings revealed that only 21% of those surveyed fell in love instantly when they met.

The study found that the most popular love appeared overtime with 40% of respondents admitting that it blossomed gradually. By initially dating online is efficient and free so there is no harm in sending emails back and forth given the fact that dating in person is also free, it doesn’t make a difference (of course, we’re putting drinks and meals out of the equation).

Further results showed that 26% of daters have been in love more than once and that some fell in love at first sight and others it flourished. A minute 13% confessed that they had never even been in love.

Dating online has several benefits because it is less intimidating and more comfortable

It is far easier to find the perfect partner online for the reason that characteristics and qualities can be filtered. Rather than wasting time over a dinner realising that you both have nothing in common, or do not have the same life ethics, ask these questions on a dating site and save yourself the stress and bother.

Brits communicate much more often via technology as it is instant and simple. It is straightforward and effortless to send an email or free chat during the office dinner break than have a phone call or meet in person. Comb through the thousands of people dating online and fall in love in due course over cyberspace.

If you are interested in online dating and sometime struggle with your messages and emails, or you have very low amount of girls writing back, you can check the Push Button Dating course by Race dePriest from the Social Man. I have to say the guy certainly knows what he’s doing and so far his methods work surprisingly well.