Good pickup lines help break the ice, strike a rapport, and maybe even uncork the bubbly. They help light up the atmosphere and set the stage for bringing the zing into the conversation. But that’s not all – good pickup lines also make the deliverer a more confident and happy person. So, here’s some dope on good pickup lines that will help:

What makes for a good pickup line?

There are many categories of pickup lines starting from the briefest of them all – “Hi.” You must get creative if you want to crack a great line and so, you must watch the person, the situation, her mood and then time your pickup line to perfection. Do not crack a general pickup line for it may backfire, leaving you stranded. If she looks serious and all “touch-me-not”, avoid funny and strange pickup lines, and maybe crack one about the recent financial or political news. If she looks like she’s ready to let her hair down, go for a breezy, adventurous, trendy pick-up line that will sway her off her feet. Remember one thing – don’t ever use corny, weird and vulgar lines because they will turn her off.

Why are pickup lines needed?

Well, all women expect men to hit them with “I want to get close to you” lines. Women are shy creatures – as compared to men, that is – they are not going to make the first move, but will sure wait for you to make one. What they want is a good pickup line coming in from a man who has the looks and the character.  Women like intelligent men and if you crack a nice line, it will help get the conversation started and then who knows what it may lead to. So, remember, women will not approach you, and women expect you to approach them – and that is why pickup lines are needed.

The benefits

The first rule of delivering pickup lines is that they must be delivered naturally. If you mouth a line that looks rehearsed or school-bookish, you’re gone in no time. So, you must talk naturally, and one of the benefits of hurling pickup lines is that they make you a natural speaker, a conversation starter.

Good pickup lines improve your creative thinking as well. You cannot be choosing the tried and tested lines that are all over the Internet, can you? You need to be original, fresh and contemporary. So, base your pickup lines on current events, art, cultural trends, etc. Such creative and good pickup lines will make her look at you differently. Women love intelligent men who are comfortable with themselves and who can make the situation easy going, and they absolutely love a sense of humor. So, if your very own creative line hits home, you got the ball rolling!

The pickup line you say, says a lot about you. You may make mistakes in the beginning, but you will gradually discover what it is that excites different women. As you go on discovering and working your way through successes and failures, you will learn more about human psychology and behaviour and that will really help you understand people, tone up your character, and develop a great sense of humor.

So, go ahead and mouth a good pickup line and watch the situation sparkle. Remember one thing: the conversation must flow after the line is delivered – so make sure you have enough to talk about, and good luck.
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