Is a dating rut keeping you from finding love

Just like with anything else in life that you do over and over again, dating can get repetitive and boring. Before you fall head over heels into a dating rut and swear off dating for a year, there are some things you can do to keep your dating life interesting and fresh. When you’re happy and having fun dating, you naturally attract the best matches for you! Win, win!

Here are the best ways to break out of a dating rut!

Don’t go to the same place twice. Choosing the right location for a date is important because it sets the tone of the evening. When you find a place you feel comfortable in, it might be tempting to have all your first dates there, but try to avoid this if possible. Sometimes feeling too comfortable is a bad thing..there is a reason first dates are so nerve racking and exiting! When you go to the same restaurant or bar that you always do, it can start to feel like all your dates are the same…and there is nothing exciting about not being able to tell one date from another.

Suggest something out of the ordinary.

Dinner and drinks, a movie, a picnic, grabbing a cup of coffee and chatting for a while…these are all great date ideas, albeit just a little bit boring. If you really want to shake things up, suggest a date idea that seems to come from left field. Mention an art exhibit you’d like to check out, go rock climbing or take a food tour of your city. Anything that is something you wouldn’t normally do on a date fits the bill perfectly. The goal is to create a memory, something that you will never forget and a jumping off point of experiencing new things together…it’s a natural way humans bond!

Make it a double or triple date!

A lot of people shy away from bringing friends along on a date, especially first dates. If you’re hoping for a romantic evening, this probably isn’t the option for you, but if you’re just hoping for a good time, why not invite your best friend and have your date bring along his brother? Not only is there the possibility of you and your date hitting it off, but you could have the honor is matchmaking your friends! What could be more romantic or memorable than that?

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