Put Your Best Foot Forward on Your Dating Profile!
By Shoshana Jackson

Think about the message your sending before you write your dating profile
“You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

While this is true, a great cover never hurt anyone’s book sales. Your online dating profile is just like a book cover.
While it’s possible to meet men without a great profile, why take the chance.
Your profile is your first introduction to a potential date. If it doesn’t catch his attention or peak his interest, he’ll move onto someone’s profile who does.

For most people writing a profile isn’t easy. After all, most people are not comfortable talking about themselves and many don’t exactly love writing. However, if you want to find love online, this is something you need to do.
This is something that will kick you out of your comfort zone, but in the end you’ll have a great online dating profile.

 So, let’s get to work.

1. In your dating profile show, don’t tell, who you are and what you like to do.

How many times have you read a profile from a fun-loving, adventurous man with a great sense of humor. What exactly does that mean? Problem is, this is what most people put in their profile, generic terms that don’t really say anything. Toss out the vague descriptions and let’s get specific.

If you love to travel list some places you’ve been, your favorite road-trip destinations or how many countries you visited. Write about the things you do for fun, your interests and your hobbies. Remember to be honest, don’t write about things that you think men want to hear.

Sharing your interests will not only tell a potential date if you have some things in common, it will also be a great conversation starter. So make sure that you write about things you’re comfortable talking about. This will help attract some men to your dating profile and also give him something to talk about in your first email.

2. In your dating profile, write about who you’re looking for now, not who you dated before.

Your dating profile is about your future relationship, not your past. That’s why you should not display your emotional baggage on your profile. No one, especially not your potential date want’s to know about your past.
Many people may not even know they’re doing this. If you’re dating profile says you’re looking for a honest man who won’t cheat or a man who knows how to treat a woman, you’re telling your story. This may seem like insignificant statements, but to some men, these are red flags.

So how do you describe the type of man you’re looking for on your online dating profile. Well, you don’t really need to. You can write about some of the things you’d like to do together. If you’re love horseback riding, write about how you’re looking for a riding partner.

3. In your dating profile, a picture is worth a thousand words.

You can be the world’s greatest writer and still not be able to accurately describe yourself. While you can give the basics, will your date be able to pick you out in a crowd of women. Probably not. That’s why your dating profile photo is important.

You profile photo needs to be real and current. While we all want to look our best, leave the Photoshopping for the cosmetic advertisers and Glamour Shots and let him see the real you. After all, you can’t airbrush yourself perfect when you meet in real life.

There are a few services that specialize in taking  your online dating profile photo, but that’s not for everyone. You can have a great profile photo taken by a friend. The secret is to take as many photos as possible. Fill up a memory card or two and then pick the best ones.

The main point of all of these tips is to let your potential date see who you are.

These tips will allow you to introduce yourself to your potential date in a way that makes you more attractive and interesting. Following these tips won’t guarantee you a date, or an increase in the number of men who write you. However using these ideas on your dating profile will give you a better chance of attracting the right man to you.
Have you had success online dating by changing your dating profile or your profile photo? Share your story.