When you meet a woman you like and you ask her for her number your intention is to get her to say yes to an eventual date.
But it really should be more than that!

Your intention should be for her to not be able to get your out of her mind, quickly tell all her friends about the great guy that she met today, and actually get excited when you call her.

So how do you do that? How do you get women to think about you after you approach them? How do you get women to instantly remember who you are when you text, call, or e-mail them?

Get Women To Remember You By Being Different Than Any Other Guy They Have Met

The truth is that if a woman is single and attractive then she is going to have guys hitting on her a lot. She may have met two guys the same day you got her number and if the other guy made a better first impression than you then you may be out of luck. She may barely remember you.

This means that when you approach a woman you have to make yourself memorable. There are a few things you can do to do exactly this.

1. Don’t Be Cliche

Don’t walk up to her with your head down, and don’t start a typical conversation about how you couldn’t help but notice her and then ask her for her number. This doesn’t stand out in her mind as this is what most guys do when they approach her.
Get your own pick up lines or conversation starters that feel right to you. Don’t try to use the lines or jokes you think will work because other guys have told you that they work. They may have worked a long time ago but because so many guys use them now they are dead in the water.

Unique people stand out. There is only one you and you are unique, so use that to your advantage.

2. Listen to Her When She’s Talking

This is the biggest trick you have up your sleeve when it comes to getting her to remember you and like you.
When you start a conversation don’t focus on what you are going to say next or, worse, the way her lips move when she talks, but instead focus on her words and what she is saying. This is the stuff you are going to use to impress her and get her attention, and most guys don’t use it!

She is only talking about stuff that matters to her, and even if it seems like nonsense to you it’s important to her – so use it!
Respond appropriately to what she is saying. Agree with her, sympathize with her, nod your head, and let her know that you are hearing what she is saying to you.

Most guys don’t use this ‘get women trick’ even though it’s the single biggest thing you can do to get her attention and have her remember you. Women like to talk and they like to share their feelings, and perhaps even more important than that is that they love it when a guy listens to them and responds appropriately.

The bonus is that when you really listen you can use that information for when you call or text her after you get her number. You can mention what you were talking about and she will instantly remember you.

If you have a hard time remembering everything she said then write down the key points when you leave her. You have to remember at least the key points.

3. Be Confident

Exude confidence when you are talking to her. Don’t say things that make you look as though you are questioning your ability to get women in this life, but instead say things that show your confidence in yourself and your ability to please her in future get together’s.

And for god’s sake don’t ask her if you can have her number – pretty please. Instead tell her that you are going out next weekend and suggest that she should come along. See the difference?

The first one makes you look like you are not sure if you are worthy of her company. The second one makes it look like you are worthy of her company and she’s going to have a great time if she comes out with you.

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