So answer this for me?

Is it not a problem for you to attract a man into your life BUT it is a problem to attract a good one?
Or do you not know a good relationship when you have one and let it go for the bad guy only to realize what you’ve done when it’s too late?

This is so common that most of you should be sitting there shaking your head yes or rolling your eyes saying «God yes – all the time».

Well I’m living proof that once you understand what’s going on and get some real information about all this that resonates as the truth to you will start to have the perfect relationship that you are looking for.

An excellent resource for learning all this is:

So let’s talk about one mistake that you may be making that’s pushing men away and how to stop doing it for good! You know what I’m talking about. The ‘thing’ that just repels good men and but it’s hiding somewhere behind the couch and you can’t figure out what it is. Well that thing is alive and living and you need to find out what it is before you can move on without it.
So does this apply to you?

Are you a YES girl?

Do you always try really hard to please your man and agree to everything he says even if you don’t agree? And if he seems to back away from you then that just makes you try to please him even more? Have you been brought up by your family to ‘take care’ of men?

A lot of woman have. And even if they weren’t brought up that way they still watch it daily on TV or read about it in books. Those sitcoms with the fat husband and the attentive wife that takes his crap is –well crap!

My husband always says that if he wanted a woman to say yes to him all the time and do everything he wanted he would have married the girl his mom picked out for him. But he didn’t because not only would that be boring – it would be annoying and pointless.

I find most men are like that.

They want the woman who will stand up to them. Have you ever noticed that a man who is with women who takes care of their every need seems to be bored or grumpy all the time? Look around and you’ll see it. In fact, a lot of these are the men that cheat on their wives because they are looking for more adventure. Something different.

They are also the bad men. The men you don’t want in your life.

If a man is walking all over you it’s time to say ‘NO’. No more, that’s it, I’m finished. No more disappearing for days with no good excuse, no more leaving me at home while you go out for hours, no more making me do all the housework + cook + work.
No more doing only what you want to do the way you want to do it.

You need to show him that you respect yourself to much to receive this kind of treatment from anyone no matter how upset you think he’ll get. Chances are he’ll admire your stand and not be upset anywase.

Don’t do this just by telling him what you want…make sure you carry it out with actions.

If he never takes you out with him then stop accepting those moments that he determines you may spend time together. No need to make a big scene or create drama – simply say something like, ‘Gee, I’d love to, but I have other plans. Next time why don’t you let me know in advance and then we can figure out something that works for us both? ’

Remember that YOU come first – always, always, always and you do not need to be giving any more to any guy or any relationship if it doesn’t suite you to do so.

The truth will always resonate inside of you so if you feel like you are being the ‘yes girl’ or you are putting too much into the relationship with nothing in return than you probably are. Take a step back and take care of yourself first. Then you can pay some attention to him. Period.