Just Hanging Out at The Library

A Sign of Being Single

Right now I’m sitting in the library facing two very lonely looking people. One is a male and one is a female.
Being in the library is not a sign of being single in itself. But there are certain people that seem to hang out at the library who seem very lonely. They are not here to work – or study – they are here to be somewhere where other people are.
Now, I’m not for sure that these two are single but I’m willing to bet that they are. Not just because of their constant hacking and snorting and other gross habits – but because of how they carry themselves.

They both look defeated and as if they have given up with happiness.

The woman is a chatterbox who wants to talk to anyone that comes pass her – no matter if she knows them or not. But she doesn’t just want to talk them; she also wants them to see how sad she is. She is constantly throwing her head down on her computer and then looking around to see who has seen her do this!

She has not once looked happy or alive. She has been watching me the whole time I’ve been here to see if she can get me to notice how sad she is. Of course, I have, and soon I’m going to have to say something to her that she wants to hear (like are you okay?) or else she is going to come on over to my computer and throw her head down on it to really get my attention.

What is she really saying to me? She saying that she’s unsure about herself and she wants other people to recognize her for being sad, tired, or negative in general. She doesn’t know how to relate to in a positive way. She would rather have a conversation centered around complaining and misery rather than happiness and potential.

And that simply tells me she is not a happy person. You can’t feel happy when you focus on negative. And you also won’t attract people who want to be around you for a long time – like a relationship. No one wants to sit in a pool of negative energy.
The guy on the other hand doesn’t care what people think. He picks his nose and wipes it on his shirt.

No, I’m serious.

He hacks, farts, and does a number of other disgusting things that only my music can make me not focus on.
This guy doesn’t even try to get along with other people and make contact. He doesn’t think about other people and their needs or wants. He literally lives in his own world where other people don’t matter. He does sometime stare at me though – but I think it’s more about him than about me.

This is why I know he’s single. If he doesn’t care about what other people think or feel around him then he’s not in a relationship where those are considerations that always come into play. He can’t be because he doesn’t  have that in him.

What They Both Have in Common

One thing I noticed in the library is that there are a lot of people that face me. I’m always surprised at this because I personally don’t want to be staring at someone else while I’m trying to work or study or whatever the library has brought me there for – but people kept doing it so I eventually just stopped getting upset and started to try to figure out what the hell was going on.

I noticed that these people, no matter whether they were young or old mimicked me. For instance, if I put my head on the wall they would put their head on the wall too.

What did this mean?

I have heard that this is a sign that they like you or are interested in you in some way – but as I said that guy who picks his nose can’t be interested in me because he doesn’t even try to come off appealing.

To me it means that they are looking for someone to be like. They are not sure what to do with themselves so they mimic someone else. They almost need someone else to look at because they are unsure of themselves and their own qualities.

This is a side note from the whole being single thing. Because I know that a lot of people can be unsure of themselves whether they are single or not.

What Else Are My Library Friends Saying?

This is of course my own interpretation but to me they are saying a bunch of things like:

I’m unhappy.
I’m lonely.
I need some sort of human contact.
I need love.
I have nowhere else to go.
I’ve given up on love.

There are other things that they say, but I try to remember these things when one of them stares at me for an hour or the other one talks to me while I’m obviously trying to work. Love is what makes the world go around and that’s what everyone is looking for on some level.

I can’t be angry or annoyed with people for that – and I’m not. I hope they find that love and eventually come to the library for a different purpose.