It needs dedication and determination if you want to stay together for long.

Many relationships are wrecked by jealousy, unfaithfulness, misunderstanding and
differences. How do you make sure that yours will last? How do prepare so that it
will stand the tests and difficulties? Here is a list of the core values necessary
to make it work.

1. Honesty. Be true to yourselves.

Tell your partner everything about yourself and
vice-versa. There should be transparency in your relationship. So that whatever
happens, your partner will understand you because he knows everything about you and
everything that you do. Tell your partner what you want or what you want to achieve.
Help each other.

2. Trust.

If your partner doesn’t trust you, it is more probable that your
relationship will fail. A bond without trust is like walking on a rotten bridge. One
wrong move and it’s gone. If there is doubt in a relationship, it will easily
succumb to trials and difficulties.

3. Understanding.

You have to understand each other. You’re not two different people
but a couple. Listen to each other because you won’t be able to understand your
partner if you don’t listen to what he says.

4. Support.

After understanding each other, you have to support your partner. Because
understanding is futile if you won’t lend a hand. It’s the same as saying that what
he’s doing is good, but not helping him and just watching him do all the works. You
have to show that you are there for your partner all the time.

5. Humility and Forgiveness.

You have to learn how to accept your mistakes and
apologize if you need to. If you do something wrong, admit it.

6. Bravery.

You need to have a strong heart to battle the challenges that lie ahead.
Be brave for the problems that will test the strength of your relationship. Learn
how to fight, instead of just sitting in a corner and doing nothing. If you’re not
brave enough, your relationship will crumble at the feet of these obstacles. But if
you’re willing to fight and you have each other to fall back on, you’ll surely
overcome these challenges.

7. Loyalty.

Being with someone means entrusting your heart and soul to your partner.
You trust him to take care of you and be there for you always. If you’re not loyal
to your partner, what’s the point in having a relationship with him or her?

8. Love.

In the end, it is love that glues all these values together. If you love
your partner, you’ll be honest to each other. You will trust and understand your
partner. You’ll be willing to support each other and be brave as you battle the
hurdles together. You’ll easily forgive if he/she has done you wrong or be humble if
you make mistakes.

These core values are essential for your relationship to last. But this is not all.
You have to strive hard to make each other happy and content. It takes time and
effort but it’s worth it.

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