Once your divorce is finalized and the dust has settled, you may suddenly find yourself gripped with loneliness especially if your separation period was short. Sometimes, divorce is as sudden as it is catastrophic. Your spouse may spring the «D» word when you least expect it and sometimes, it may be the end of a very long and tumultuous road. The breakdown of your marriage may hurt so much that the idea of dating again may be off-putting for a while but with time and healing, you may find that you are ready to venture out into the dating world again.

You may find that you are a little rusty with the pick-up lines and the bar scenes.

Luckily, these are not the only places that you can find love again. You can find interesting people at social events like church functions, community centers, family gatherings and even random mall visits. Before the discussion of the places that you can find people with similar interests as yourself and hopefully develop friendships that may lead lasting relationships, you must be careful of the entire endeavor.

There are people out there who like vultures, can smell your vulnerability and try to take advantage of you especially if you have some money or assets to your name. Be careful with these sorts.   Here is how you can tell if they are up to no good.
The desire to get attached too quickly

If you find that your new love interest is taking things too fast, be careful. It could just be that they know what they want and do not want to waste time, but chances are that they are trying to take advantage of you. If they want to move in with you after only a few weeks of dating or want to share cell phone numbers, plans might be to have access to your credit cards or bank accounts hence you will want to watch out.

Some of these individuals work in pairs and usually have an accomplice somewhere in the shadows that they are in communication with. Since they are all too happy to use your computer or cell phone, install keylogging software to monitor their actions. Chances are you may find some information that could save you thousands of dollars and even your life.

If your new love interest does not want you to interact with your friends and seems resentful of their presence, be careful. It could be that they really want to spend every waking moment with you, or they are trying to isolate you so that they can take advantage without the interference of those that love you.


If you find that the only way your relationship is going to work without disagreements is by giving in to the demands of the other party, you are being manipulated. Manipulation can be psychological or physical. Your partner could withdraw affection or ever resort to violence to get you to do what they want. If you find yourself in this situation, run in the opposite direction.
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Today’s post is written by Pete Newman who invented the web watcher software. This software has revolutionized the concept of software and online security. He also likes blogging on various topics and also has quite a few visitors.   Though the concept of dating is not new to anyone but after a divorce it becomes a whole new proposition and so he sheds light on some finer points related to the issue.