Use These Seduction Techniques to Get What You Really Want From a Woman

Here are some dating tips for guys looking to have a successful and fun relationship.

The thing to remember when going out on a date or even thinking of dating is that different people have different preferences. You should ask out a girl who you are most attracted to. Don’t set the bar too low in looking for a date. Even if you see an attractive girl that you’re interested in and you think she’s out of your league, still go ahead and take the plunge and ask her out. You never know, she might actually be interested in you as well.

Another dating tip I can give you guys is too remember to be yourself. Don’t act all ‘cool’ and too suave because then you’ll just end up looking like an idiot in front of your date. Remember also be interested in your date, ask her different questions so she knows that you’re really interested in getting to know her.

Be sure to make the relationship equal, when going to on a date maybe splitting the bill once in a while would be a good thing. This way she will know that you also think of her as an equal. Dating should be a mutual relationship.

Playing hard to get can also be a plus in dating. See women like playing games they like the challenge at times to get the guy to notice them. See with men, most of them are just after getting into bed with that woman. As with the women they are looking for a lasting relationship. This is where men and women differ in the dating game each one is looking for a significant other but the sole purpose of the date may be different.

Also learning to be unpredictable is a good thing in dating when it starts to get similar to a routine then the girl might think why should she stay with you, why should she stay around and take time to get to know even more? It’s like being in a relationship; you need to keep things fresh and lively. Because sooner or later you guys should end up becoming sick of each other this is not a good thing especially in dating.

Guys also need to remember that they shouldn’t be too clingy, needy, and desperate.

Guys shouldn’t beg for whatever they want especially sex. One dating tip for a guy is so I can give is to learn how to not tolerate intolerable acts from the woman. Sometimes women ask too much maybe always wanting to be pampered, always wanting to be called, all always wanting new things for the guy when in turn they do not give back either.

It’s also a good idea to sometimes listen to your other guy friends for advice especially those who were in successful relationships. They might be able to give you some pointers that might help you in starting your date on the right track. If you have girl friends then it’s absolutely the most definitely a great idea to ask them for advice since the date most actually knows what women want.