Hey mate,
Two quick updates here on the dating world from The Social Man.

If you don’t like cold approaches for whatever reason (anxiety, time, logistics and etc.) this program might be just for you. It’s designed for online dating sites (including Facebook).

Here is quick preview of “Push Button Dating“:

The program it contains FIVE modules connected in a system which used in the right sequence will increase your success dramatically in the online dating world.

Quick look on each module:

Curiosity – The purpose of this step is to ignite her interest. Stand out of the masses and the crowds. Includes creation on the profile and what pictures you must put in.

Playfulness – In short – flirting. Chasing each other around, teasing and playing. The idea is to build positive emotions associated with you.

Imagination – Building connection with the girl. Basically planting the idea of her wanting to meet you in the real world (our goal of course), not stuck at flirting over the net.

Safety – Naturally a guy over the internet can be anyone. This module will help you build trust so she can see you as safe guy (i.e. not dangerous).

Arousal – Get her ready for the first meeting with you so things go faster than usual.

Also there are some bonuses included in the package.

As you can see the following modules show one very natural progress of an interaction.
Your job is to register in such site, create profile with some right pictures and begin sending messages (which they teach you form up). And of course – go on the dates.

My personal experience with one such program didn’t meet it’s hype (Internet Dating Insider), was it the type of sites I was using it or the country I live in. “Push Button Dating” however seem to put a lot much depth into this one – each module covers important step in the whole dynamic. Also judging from other Social Man products, those guys tend to know their stuff. Expect review sometimes soon.

You can read more about “Push Button Dating”. The program itself is $97 at the moment.
Another thing – The Social Man’s primary program “Unbreakable” costs increases from $47 to $97* starting from…well you reading this blog post. The price was really low for that one (11 part video program, excluding bonuses). I guess they decided is was about time to increase it. *(side note – by this time when I checked, they’re  around $23 – making some sort of promotion) Anyway – you can check Unbreakable for yourself.