1. Are you texting a lot?
  2. Well if you don’t you should!
  3. You may ask why?

This is whole new dimension in dating! It have it’s own set of rules and usually regular stuff won’t work the same with texts.

If you’re in a hurry – go check the free report from The Social Man on sms flirting.
For example in text flirting (or sms flirting) you’re stuck only with words/content. No body language, no tonality, no facial expressions, only content. This might be a little tricky because some sort of humor, jokes, teases might be taken differently than intended. And it can ruin your attempt.

Not to mention I know guys who are pretty good with women, but man, their sms flirting is boring as hell!

Even I stayed away from this type of game for a while. My gurus were not fond of the text messages for the exact reasons I told you above. “Live interactions are the core man” they say.

However I have to admit – done right and knowing how to flirt with text messages is pretty powerful! You can really shortcut some phases only using sms flirting (they say make the 1st date feel like 3rd). And if you’re from the guys that don’t like texting either – think of that – why not give awesome impression via sms and when she see you in person – you’re even more awesome than on text!

Or otherwise said – don’t resist the system. Embrace it and apply it! Texting today is pretty much part of the culture. And texting friend, got some pretty big advantages that live interactions don’t!

The guys from The Social Man open up a new system called B4UTEXTHER. This is the 2nd system especially designed to show guys how to flirt with text messages I know over the internet and it’s pretty well made. A lot bigger than the first one I know. They also give free report with the launch. (edit* – the report is removed at this point, check out the end of the post)

Click here to get the free report* on sms flirting

Even if you don’t like texting or don’t intend to get a copy check out the report. It explains the benefits of text messages over other types of game and give you few examples of text flirting. Also if you get the program they have private forum where you can get fast feedback on your situation.
As usual to check out the report you have to opt-in*. Don’t worry, The Social Man send you pretty cool stuff from time to time in short neat e-mails, so don’t worry about that. Also you can unsubscribe any time you wish.

Go check B4 U TXT HER.

Disclaimer: Those are affiliate links. If you buy the course I will most likely get a commision.
Edit: If you’re going to get the program be careful as they will try to enlist you in their subscription bonus on the program. Approach with this knowledge.
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