If you find yourself different from the masses, then you may also find yourself getting bullied or bugged because you are different from the masses and you are being yourself. The reality is that the only people who bug you for being yourself are the people who are scared to be themselves. They don’t understand how important everyone’s uniqueness is and they are literally scared of it.

The people who know that being yourself is not only freeing to your mind and soul but important to this world – know something that the cookie cutter crowd will never know…Happiness.

Here are just 5 reasons why being yourself is so important.

1. You have great things to contribute to this world as an individual.

When you allow yourself to be your true self you can think outside of the box. Most people are held back by limiting beliefs that hold them back from acting on their thoughts and desires. But people who are true to themselves will test out these thoughts and desires. And people who think outside of the box tend to come up with the best inventions, creative work, and other things that make this world special and new. They create a better life for everyone in this world by contributing the ‘crazy’ ideas in their heads.

2. You do not get influenced by other peoples fears and thoughts.

If your watch people who do not allow themselves to be who they are and think for themselves then you will notice that they tend to follow other peoples beliefs and fears. If their family member tells them that being in a band is stupid and you can never be successful, then they will most likely not try to be in a band – even if they want to – because they are scared that they won’t make it (because of their family members fears) and they are scared they will be judged or different (by all the people who think being in a band is stupid). So they never even try.

On the other hand, people who think for themselves and who make their own beliefs tend to try stuff out before they decide whether its worth it or not. They take the risks and the benefits and whether it’s a common thing to do or not, they usually go for it! They accomplish more with their life and live out their dreams more than their fearful peers.

3. You make a path for others.

Because you are more willing to take a risk and do what makes you happy, you clear a path for the people who want to see what happens first. If you are successful then they may follow you on that path and try it for themselves.

You also make a path for the people who feel extremely uncomfortable being themselves and have to follow the latest ‘popular thing’ in this world to feel good.

Every single trend, belief, and fad was started by one unique person who cleared the path and led the way.

4. You live a happier and more fulfilling life.

People who allow themselves to be true to their personality and beliefs take more pleasure in their life because they are doing the things they love. They know what makes them happy and they do it because of that fact. They tend to follow their passions in career choices and hobbies and lead a life of fulfillment.

Other people who think that their pleasures are just wishful thinking or not attainable do not even try to live their pleasures out. Instead they follow a life of normality and, what others consider acceptable behavior.

In other words, if their passion is helping animals, and they know that doing so would give them pleasure – they may avoid doing it if they are told that is is not a viable career path or silly, and that it won’t get them anywhere in life. Instead they make take a job they hate and spend a lifetime at it wishing they were doing something with animals but letting other people’s fears and beliefs hold them back. They fear being judged so they take the majorities side and do something that is accepted by others.

5.   You have the ability to inspire others to live their lives with passion.

There are people on the verge of letting themselves be who they want to be and with your example, they may break out of their shells. When they see the joy and freedom you are getting from doing something that you are passionate about- they may be inspired to follow your lead. When they see you being true to yourself they may be willing to start being true to themselves. You allow people to break out of their fake life and start living the life they are meant to live.

So remember these 5 things and allow yourself to be the unique individual you are. When you are older and reflect on your life you will be glad you made the decision to do be yourself – instead of letting fear and normality rule your life.