So again I was looking back on my (then) blog, Multiply. I really liked that site until it became an online selling thing… but oh well.. and I found this article that I’ve reposted from someone in Yahoo! ?

Give him space

The most common complaint in any relationship is an iron-clad chokehold on every aspect of one’s life, by one party on the other. Don’t be the choker; always be there for him whenever he expresses the need, like when he has family or barkada troubles. At the same time, don’t begrudge him his right to do his own thing. Being the open-minded babe scores major pretty points, and also gives you the freedom to explore your own world.

This, of course, requires you to be very sensitive to him, since he may already be needing your companionship without saying anything. Know his unspoken gestures and nuances, and chances are, he’ll be into you even more. Grow with him, not for him.

An occasional slave for love

Ever wonder why the line “If only she could cook” is so popular? Because we lazy guys absolutely love to be doted on. Take time out from your hectic schedule to prepare his favorite food (or order it out; it’s the thought that counts), help him arrange his room (important note: don’t turn his room inside out without his knowledge, otherwise you’re in for a tampo session), or maybe tutor him in math. Just don’t make it a daily habit: You want to be his girl, not hisyaya.

Step into his life… and vice versa

If you really want to be in his life, you have to know all about it. Throwing Hi-Gate CDs at a hip-hop boy is just asking for trouble, right?

Express and interest in what he does, be it billiards or BMX. Act the fool for him, and he’ll do the same. But show him what your life is all about, too. Keep as few secrets as possible from him, and encourage him to do the same. And be honest: If you don’t feel like learning about the guy, then maybe you don’t really want to be with him. The less you keep from each other, the less problems you’ll have in the future, and the more you’ll grow closer to one another.

Family matters

Contrary to popular belief, there is a way to saturate his world with thoughts of you that doesn’t involve your phones and about a thousand cell cards. Meet his family, and get them to love you. This doesn’t mean turning into a regular fixture at his place; you wouldn’t be comfortable anyway. The best way to start would be to get to know his siblings. Meet them, and be a good friend to them. The glowing reports they’ll give about their really great bud will definitely catapult you to the front of his potential squeeze list.

Keep him hanging

Maybe he’s just a teeny bit too secure in the knowledge that he has faithful little you. Throw a monkey wrench into the works by subtly hinting that a line of guys has formed outside your door, and that you’re seriously considering letting them in. You can’t wait forever; other opportunities are knocking. If he really wants you by his side, he’ll have enough motivation to move his slow butt. If not, at least you’ll know he wasn’t worth your attention, and you’ll be able to move on with minimal regret.

Hmmm what’cha think?