Kissing a girl for the first time can be an awfully intimidating experience for many guys. Often, men become so anxious that they fail to realize when a woman wants to be kissed. Consequently, they end up missing an opportunity to make out with a girl they are crazy about. So how do you know if a girl wants to kiss you? Here are a signs that will help you know when a girl is craving for a kiss.

When she wants to kiss you, her eyes will be fixated on your lips when not gazing into your eyes. While she is talking to you, her eyes will flicker from your mouth to your eyes and down to your lips again. If she is not glaring at your lips, she will be looking at them repeatedly. When a woman is not interested in kissing you, or if she is not romantically attracted to you, she will avoid making extended eye contact.

2. She is playing with her lips

If all she is thinking of is kissing you, she will be pretty engaged with her lips. She may lick or bite her lips or nip them gently with her fingers. Additionally, she may try to make her lips shiny and alluring by applying lipstick or lip-gloss. More often than not, her eyes may flit down to gaze into yours. She wants to kiss you if she is playing with her lips while talking to you. Of course, this does not mean that every time she licks her lips, she wishes to be kissed. It can be a self-soothing gesture, some kind of compulsion or she could be nervous. Thus, take your time to read her baseline nonverbal cues before going in.

3. She pauses and gazes into your eyes

She is talking to you and she suddenly pauses while eyeing you deeply. When a girl is attracted to you and she wants you to kiss her, she will look into your eyes intensely and then lean in close to you. In addition, her eyes will seem wider and her pupils will appear dilated. If she does any of this as you interact with her, she is probably feeling you and she wants you to kiss her.

4. She is talking about kissing

Go for it if she starts talking to you about kissing. As you converse with her, she may bring up a topic on kissing or mentions an instance in a romantic movie or a novel where a couple kisses. In particular, if she talks to you about kissing while looking deep into your eyes and licking her lips, go ahead man and kiss her.

It is quite common for a guy to miss those cues that a girl shows when she wants him to kiss her. So, now that you’ve been informed and you know what signs to check for, how do you go for the kiss? Let’s say you’re having drinks with this pretty girl at a lounge, she is gazing into your eyes you and talking to you about kissing while biting her lips. This is what to do if you find yourself in such a scenario; brush her hair backwards, slowly lean in and smooch her.

Do not start worrying if the kiss will go well – just do it. Besides, even if it does not go as expected, you will still get another chance, either with her or another woman.